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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


  the universe shifts collides and dances moving like a rippled pond... if a pond traveled in 4 dimensions had no friction and was so large that it could contain millions of worlds capable of supporting theoretical life.

that if they were just to observe their world probably assume that it was the whole extent of their universe and the stars above them merely illusions caused by the planet atmosphere and as long as as they belied that their world for all intensive purposes would be their whole universe.

by imaging a form of life that from the primitive beginning of its civilization was aware of it's place in the universe, it's crushing smallness in comparison to the rest of space was away of their loneliness as a species maybe even theorizing on the possibility of life other planets able to look up a observe sun spots and supernovas like we observe mountains and rivers.

would they freeze unable to move horrified by the vast violent forces at work around them or would they receive the world like eager explorers sailing their ships out towards different suns and stretching their influence out across worlds.

would this knowledge make them violent or would they be at peace with their place in the universe?

this is of course an over-simplification any number of factors could effect how these stargazers see their place in the universe, for instance their environment could be so harsh as to only support one species or would their be many types of life would they be left to their own devices or would they be forced to struggle though they evolution, would there form their own understanding of space or would they reach a more scientific understanding of the heavenly bodies?

these are only a few questions that would need to be considered to form a full picture of an alien species that might have such a unique view of the universe